Traditional Braces

Sometimes we are not happy with the way our teeth look or are unhappy with our smile. You can achieve straight, beautiful teeth with either traditional braces or clear aligner therapy such as SureSmile or Invisalign. A complete orthodontic work-up will be completed. Dr. Sunderland will evaluate these records and determine which treatment option is best suited for you.

Orthodontics is a field of dentistry that deals with the corrections involving jaw and teeth alignment. Research has shown that functional appliances at an early age can be very effective in improving the functional and skeletal problems of growing patients. Functional appliances correct the jaw problems, while the braces correct the tooth alignment problems. The appliances can be removable or fixed and have the greatest effect on changing the skeletal malformations during the peak pubertal growth phase. These functional and/or expansion appliances can be used for children, teens and adults and are usually followed by traditional braces.  Braces employ the use of brackets and wires that attach directly onto the teeth to create the necessary forces required to move the teeth into the proper alignment.  The average treatment time in braces is between 18-24 months, dependent on severity of case and patient compliance.  Dr. Sunderland and his team have taken specialized Orthodontic training and also participate in an ongoing Orthodontic study club.

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