Full Mouth Reconstruction

In certain cases, the teeth in both the upper and lower jaw need to be rebuilt and restored. Full mouth reconstruction can often entail a series of different dental procedures suited to the patient’s individual needs. It can involve orthodontics, tooth whitening, extractions, implants, crowns, bridges, veneers and so on. With such extensive dental procedures, a comprehensive dental work up would be conducted that includes understanding your requirements, goals as well as preferences. This will help create a plan specifically designed for you. Dr. Sunderland will use models and wax-ups throughout the process, this way the treatment is also based on your input, resulting in a long-lasting,
comfortable final product.

Who requires full mouth reconstruction? Most often, people who require full mouth reconstruction have multiple dental problems. These conditions may include:

  • heavy wear and tear on teeth, such as cracked or broken teeth due to bruxism
  • gum disease and or severe decay
  • multiple missing teeth
  • severe acid reflux
  • misaligned teeth and /or bite
  • temporomandibular joint pain
  • loss of density in the jawbone

Benefits of full mouth reconstruction
Increased gum health, improvement of bite, decrease in TMJ pain, restored facial and lip support, as well as clearer speech. And not to forget the beautiful smile that will increase ones self-esteem. Talk to one of our team members if you think this is something you may be a candidate for.

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